Larssons Mekaniska | ABOUT US
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High quality since 1951

Our story began way back in 1951, when Erik Larsson first founded the company. Today we have a stable platform for secure, long-term collaberation with our customers and suppliers. 


Our organisation consists of experienced and competent employees who listen and want tp  understand the needs of our customers, which enables us to find the right solution for each individual customer.


We are certified with ISO 9001 and Equipment with food contact surfaces GMP Protocol, since 1999-08-14 and 2016-05-06 respectively. Our wish is to always be regarded as being a high-quality supplier that is willing to go the exttra mile for its customers.

Comprehensive Solutions with the customer in focus

Larssons i Bjärreds Mekaniska Verkstad is a company that offers processing in the form of turning, milling and post-processing for a wide variety of different materials.


Working together with our customers, we want to develop both our own and our customers’ operations and processes in order to ensure the smallest possible impact on the environment.


We are continually working to reduce the environmental impact of the energy and raw materials used in our operations, as well as reducing emissions from our transportation. We use education and information to raise environmental awareness and to create a sense of engagement among our employees. we have been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since 10/10/2014.

Our Customers

Over the years, we have made continued improvements to our working methods, and have increased the level of our expertise. Today, we are able to deal with practically anything – whether it involves small or large dimensions, or simple or very complex details.


We want to offer our customers a comprehensive solution – a “palette” of alternatives covering the entire journey from the initial concept all the way to the end customer.


We offer:

  •  Short delivery times – whether for individual pieces or for longer series – as we can take care of your stock, work according to forecasts, and secure your stock levels.
  • Serial production of items, whether of basic or advanced designs.
  • Extremely short delivery times (down to 24 hours) for individual items and short series.
  • Finishing and post processing – e.g. surface treatment.
  • Laser marking.
  • Precision measurement.
  • Final packing and delivery.
  • Traceability and certificate management.

Own patented products

ECOGREENMILL is a milling tool with an anti-clockwise drive. Inserts that have already been used can be reused, which essentially doubles the service life of the inserts, thereby also reducing both our environmental impact and unnecessary costs.